This Netflix original is quite frankly an anime masterpiece. It grabs you from the beginning and demands that finish it all the way through.


This is honestly the number 1 show I recommend everybody who asks, guess what? Within a few days we’re on the phone discussing the pure excellence that is Castlevania.

The plot is consistently exciting, the characters are excellent and as the cast grows through the seasons so does the savagery. I never thought barbaric scenes of gore could be so beautiful. Each character fits in the world they live in, this dark, cold and ruthless universe that Square Enix has perfectly crafted. 

The story predominantly follows our three main hero’s. Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Alucard as they must battle night demons,humans cursed with demonic knowledge and even Dracula himself. The world just feels alive, looks beautiful and Castlevania actually has an impressive list of celebrities voicing some of my new favorite characters. Whatever you do, you must watch this show!




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Released in 2017, this horror themed anime is one of the best to ever grace my screen. Castlevania is true anime perfection and I can only hope that Netflix realize they have a diamond in their hands. If you wanna check it out on Netflix click the link below and it’ll take you directly to the show.


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