Fallout London: A Deep Dive into the Mod’s Development and Upcoming 2024 Release

The incredibly talented developers of Fallout London recently shared an insightful update on the progress of their highly anticipated mod for the Fallout game series. This breakdown offers a glimpse into the dedication and craftsmanship behind the project, detailing the immersive world they are creating and addressing a noteworthy release delay.

The developers open the discussion by providing an overview of Fallout London’s current state. Despite being at a functional content complete stage, they announce a delay in the release to allow for additional polishing and testing (which is always welcome before a AAA release let alone a mod).

The team reassures fans that the delay is essential for delivering a top-tier gaming experience. Throughout this segment, they emphasise their commitment to detail, showcasing the various areas of London (Tower Hamlets & Hackney always gets me excited) players can explore, including suburbs, financial hubs, and historical districts. The dedication is evident in the extensive creation of 3D assets, with many items and animations developed from scratch to bring the Authentic Fallouty British setting to life.

Fallout London Tower Hamelts

The developers follow up with the official release announcement for Fallout London, highlighting the plethora of custom assets designed for the mod. From weapons and clothes to races and architectural kits specific to London, the attention to detail promises an immersive roleplaying experience.

The mod’s user interface has undergone a significant overhaul, featuring a new alternative to the Pip-Boy. Additionally, players can expect a completely new and unique original soundtrack (OST), an overhauled soundscape, and three new radio stations.

Gameplay enhancements include a revamped crafting system, unique fast travel options like trains and taxis, dynamic weather, and new animations.

Fallout London: City Of London

The narrative aspect is equally impressive, boasting 53 main quests, 35 side quests, 25 faction quests, and 64 miscellaneous quests. With the inclusion of seven recruitable companions and branching relationship-based dialogue, Fallout London is set to provide a massive and immersive experience, featuring over 90,000 recorded dialogue lines.

In response to community preferences, the developers announce a silent protagonist for Fallout London. However, they also acknowledge a delay in the intended release window due to global issues affecting their scripting team. Despite this setback, the team reiterates their commitment to delivering a polished and well-balanced gaming experience, avoiding a rushed release.

A new release date is set for April 23, 2024, coinciding with the debut of the new Fallout TV series.

The developers assure fans that they are focusing on rigorous testing and balancing to meet high expectations and encourage everyone to stay updated through their Discord server. Expressing gratitude for ongoing support, they apologise for the delay and emphasize their dedication to delivering an authentic Fallout experience set in the heart of London.

Fallout London Croydon

The Takeaway: Fallout London 2024

Fallout London’s development update showcases the passion and commitment of its developers, offering us a detailed look into the expansive and authentic gaming experience that awaits. Despite the announced delay, the promise of a meticulously crafted world and an abundance of custom assets ensures that the mod will be well worth the wait.

Players can anticipate a rich roleplaying adventure, filled with immersive details, captivating quests, and a true-to-life representation of post-apocalyptic London.

You can follow their journey on their website.


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