Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a popular anime and for good reason! It’s outstanding and one that commands your attention.


Tokyo Ghoul is an anime that has a huge fan base and once you watch the show, you’ll realize exactly why. This show has incredibly well paced & written scenes and an overall arching story that begins to unfold from start to finish.  

Tokyo Ghoul’s first two seasons for me personally is where the show really shines, from the characters we’ve been introduced to this far, the story that always has you wanting more & all the savage fight scenes. This show just oozes style, charm & always keeps moving forward. Keeping the show from feeling stale or bland. If you haven’t seen the show then honestly you need to add this one to your list, ideally at the top of it! I believe it’s on Netflix at the time of writing. This is one of the best anime shows out there right now and it deserves your attention.



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There’s 16 volumes in the Tokyo Ghoul Manga. After watching the show I had to go get the manga, knowing it would be a great read & honestly I’ve not been disappointed. It’s a great read so far and I’m only on the 8th volume as of right now.


This is really one of the shows where you can grab it straight to blu-ray and you won’t be disappointed. The link below takes you to the first season but I’m sure you can find more than that if you want the complete collection or so. If you do buy it send us a DM on Instagram and let us know your thoughts.


Tokyo Ghouls is currently on netflix so you literally have no excuse not to give you the show a try. Although it’s only the first 3 seasons it’s more than enough to gauge whether you love it or if  it isn’t for you. We hope you enjoy the show.